Stargazing/Milky Way





• Stargazing / Milky way Shoot
• Tour Transfer
– For 1-2persons: Tricycle(Open Type)
– For 3-6persons: Air Conditioned Van
• Set Dinner or Heavy Snacks
• Tour Guide Services


• Hotel (Basco) to the location (high-altitude areas and away from the city)
• Basco & Tayid Lighthouse, Vayang Rolling Hills, Boulder Bay, Marlboro Hills, Madangay Hills, Motchong Viewpoint
• Set up your gears (mobile phones and GoPro can capture milkyway). Be sure you packed all the equipment you need and even extra batteries
• Locate the milkyway (if you’ve downloaded the Starchart or Night Sky app it’s a big help). Take a test shot so you can adjust your settings or play around with the settings and find what works best for you
• Play with angles. You had to lie down (if needed) to take the shot.


• Best time is when there is no moon in sight so better check when is the next NEW MOON
• Ask permission or advised accommodation of the said activity for them to know the location of their guests
• Best time to start shooting is at 12:00MN to 1:00PM and it can end until the break of dawn


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