Mt. Matarem Trekking





• Minor Hiking/Climbing/Trekking at Mt. Matarem (situated at Ivana)
• Tour Transfer
 – For 1-3persons: Tricycle(Open Type)
 – For 4-6persons: Air Conditioned Van
• Set Lunch or Snacks
• DENR Permits
• Tour Guide Services
 – For 1-3 persons: 1 Tour Guide
 – For 4-6 persons: 2 Tour Guides


• Hotel (Basco) to San Vicente, Ivana – major jumpoff (takes 30 minutes ride)
• Start of “Fairy Trail” (takes 2-3 hours to arrive at summit)
• At the peak, the entire Batan Island is visualized (only if not foggy) though like Mt. Iraya the summit is grassy.
• North is imposing figure of Mt. Iraya, going clockwise you would see the coasts of Basco and Mahatao facing the Pacific Ocean (NE) together the southern part of Uyugan
• On Southwest (SW) lies the municipality of Ivana and father more is the Sabtang Island
• Start descent and back to jumpoff (takes 1½ – 2 hours )


• Trees aren’t so thorny, so any kind of clothing (typical “tourist clothes) can be worn (summer season)
• Camping is not possible. Cellphone signal is present and most parts of the trail.
• Wear comfortable clothes. Dri-fit shirts and loose pants work well as you will sweat a lot and get mud on your legs from the thick foliage. Bring long sleeves or arm warmer, you can get a lot of scratches and bites of mosquitoes.
• Wear shoes w/ good traction. Slippers are not recommended because of the muddy and slippery parts of the mountain
• Bring lots of drinking water
• The mountain can actually be climbed from any point in the southern towns, but the established trails starts from San Vicente, Ivana.


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