Mt. Iraya Trekking





  • Hiking/Climbing Mt. Iraya (the highest point in Batanes)
  • Tour Transfer
  • DENR Permits
  • Tour Guide Services
  • Set Lunch


  • Hotel (Basco) to major jumpoff (Sitio Manaraw near Basco Airport)
  • Start steep trek, makes rest station (takes 30 minutes) then followed by a 1½ hours trek through a dense forest
  • Arrival at “shoulder campsite” (takes 2-3 hours) – an excellent viewdeck and a possible campsite
  • At the summit (takes another 1 hour to climb as you hold on to the reeds), enjoy the elusive views and feel the refreshing touch of the winds. Views include the Pacific Ocean (E), Itbayat Island and hill-like Dinem Island (NW), West Philippine Sea (W) and the entirety of Batan Island w/ Mt. Matarem (SW) and beyond it, Sabtang Island. Cellphone signal is present and most parts of the trail.
  • Eat your packed lunch while talking to your guide about the fabled mountain and enjoying the beautiful view
  • Start descent and back to jumpoff (takes 3 hours)


  • Consult for the best day to climb to maximize the experience and see the beauty of Mt. Iraya
  • Best time to climb is around 6:00 to 7:00AM to avoid the worst of the heat going down
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Dri-fit shirts and loose pants work well as you will sweat a lot and get mud on your legs from the thick foliage. Bring long sleeves or arm warmer, you can get a lot of scratches and bites of mosquitoes.
  • Wear shoes w/ good traction. Slippers are not recommended because of the muddy and slippery parts of the mountain
  • Bring lots of drinking water


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